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Welcome to the Healthia Advisory Board. Our expert advisory board is a well-rounded group of professionals working in the field of disease risk, exercise physiology, HR and engagement, digital technology, sleep and mindfulness. The board works together to bring you the very latest advice and support on all factors related to digital employee wellbeing. Our experts help to shape the offerings at Healthia and will be sharing advice via Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

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  • HR & engagement
  • Exercise physiology
  • Total reward & wellbeing
  • Sleep
  • Mindfulness

Meet our founder and digital health technology expert – Glenn Rankin

Founder of Healthia, Glenn has over 20 years of experience consulting for fitness clubs through to employee wellbeing initiatives and health technology. Glenn is pioneering in the field of digital workplace wellness and passionate about improving employee wellbeing through technology and data.

Glenn says: "We can no longer ignore the digital revolution and the impact it is having on the way in which we manage wellbeing. The rise of digital health technology, apps and wearables has changed the way in which individuals are recording their health & fitness. The time is here for businesses to step on this wave and use the insights and data to understand, motivate and reward teams towards better health in and out of the workplace.

Employers integrating health apps into their wellbeing programme are reporting significant improvements in overall team health risk and physical activity. After all, how do you really know what to spend your wellbeing budget on without the insights and proof that your programme is effective?”

Meet our HR and employee engagement expert – Nick Court

Nick has over 20 years' experience across all aspects of HR working with some leading brands and companies of all sizes from FTSE 100 to SME. As the founder of Cloud9 People Nick is regularly delivering employee engagement, wellbeing and people analytics projects alongside other HR services.

Nick says: “The power of data to drive productivity is one of the most valuable assets we have. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Whilst highly engaged employees are generally productive, if that productivity is not matched with wellbeing, there is a risk of burnout. The two must go hand in hand together.

Platforms like this provide detailed insights via the analytics so employers can understand the team’s health and fitness goals and devise effective strategies to achieve them whether it be via challenges, rewards or incentives.

Being inclusive means that all employees can take part and goals are personal, whether it is improving sleep, getting more active or understanding their overall team health assessment. You do not need to be going to the gym every day to see real value.”

Meet our Clinical Lead and Head of Clinical Governance – Paul Nash BSc (Hons) ACSM

As clinical lead, Paul is responsible for creating Healthia’s disease risk assessment journey. This includes the QuealthTM core health journey, risk prediction algorithms and behavioural change interventions as well as all health interpretation, information and advice. He ensures that all aspects of the health journey are evidence-based and independently clinically validated with leading academic institutions.

Paul says: "Exercise really is medicine and a medicine we can be readily prescribing to improve the health of employees and in turn businesses.

Throughout evolution, the human species has been biologically wired to move – our default physiological state is to be active, to have high physical energy levels, to feel great. Today's sedentary lifestyles and long hours sitting at desks is about as biologically normal as standing on your head. Encouraging employees to keep active is one of the most powerful choices business leaders can make for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day is all it takes to gain major health benefits and lower disease risk. It's a huge return for both the employee and the business. Can you really afford not to encourage your team to devote 3% of their waking time to just being human?”

Meet our total reward and employee wellbeing practitioner – Evan Davidge

Evan has over 20 years experience working as a total reward and wellbeing specialist for many organisations, across most sectors and internationally. In recent years he conceptualised and led the implementation of a multi-award winning employee wellbeing programme for a leading global company. As founder of The Wellbeing Leader, Evan offers an advisory and training service focused on delivering workplace wellbeing solutions, aligned to business and HR strategies.

Evan says: "I am a firm believer of digital and physical world convergence in terms of optimising healthier behavioural changes. It also facilitates a more informed, holistic and proactive approach to be adopted for workplace wellbeing, supported by better data and analytics.

Although a wellbeing culture is instilled through leaders, it relies on a common platform, which can reach out to everyone, irrespective of status or location, to empower people to take control of their personal wellbeing."

Meet our sleep expert – Tej Samani

Following a career in professional tennis, Tej spent years researching academic and sporting performance as well as various health issues such as sleep deprivation, burnout and fatigue. His organisation, Performance Learning, has been independently accredited by two leading universities and uses cutting edge assessments and data tracking to help students understand more about themselves – from sleep through to retention of information – all aiming to maximise potential, improve results and create more healthy, happy learners. 

Tej says:“Burnout, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and insomnia are now major health concerns. Our hectic lifestyles don't leave much room for proper rest or relaxation and sleep is often one of the first things that busy people sacrifice to make more room in their schedule.

The potential consequences of sleep deprivation range from obesity to mental health issues to poor decision making. Learning good sleep techniques is important whatever your age – even children in Primary School can feel overwhelmed and overworked and mental health issues are a growing concern for both schools and businesses. Employers can educate their workforce about the importance of sleep and communicate information about what can be done to improve sleep quality and quantity – to help individual health and wellbeing as well as the welfare of the organization as a whole.”

Meet our Emotional Wellbeing expert – Khody Damestani MSc BSc (HONS) DIHP

Khody is a lecturer in Sport and Health Psychology and a Health Coach with over 15 years experience. He is an expert in health behaviour change and has authored university programmes in the areas of health psychology and personal development. He runs a busy practice in Brighton where he helps clients to lead happier and healthier lives.

Khody says:"Life is hectic for most people these days. Putting a few minutes aside each day to ‘switch off’ a racing mind will help individuals to perform better, make better decisions and be happier, more engaged employees.

Any form of exercise is not only great for the body but will result in the brain releasing endorphins and dopamine that gives a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Regular breaks throughout the working day, relaxation rooms and wellbeing platforms with mindfulness features all support teams to ‘switch off’ and allow individuals to approach situations with a clearer state of mind."