Healthia helps you to deliver your wellbeing agenda.

Understand the clinical risk profile of your people.

We provide you with real time, valuable insights into the health of your team. From activity levels to disease risk profiles. Helping you plan targeted interventions and maximising the impact of your resources. Our health assessments cover the 5 main preventable diseases.

Cardiovascular disease
Lung disease

Our Health Assessments are highly validated.

We work continuously with leading academic institutions to ensure accurate assessment of disease risk, evidence-based and clinically-aligned health content. Our Q Score™ has established itself as a leading health metric for insurance markets across the world.

A huge range of activity tracking device and app integrations.

With a wide range of API's, Healthia ensures that your people can track their activity and update their health metrics using their favourite fitness devices and apps.

Some of our compatible apps and devices.

Medically Aligned

Healthia is aligned with NICE and WHO guidelines encouraging employees to hit their recommended 20 minutes of moderate intensity activity each day.

Gym Discounts

Healthia includes the UK's largest discounted gym network providing employees with access to corporate gym memberships at over 3,000 health clubs, gyms & leisure centres.

Challenges that engage, whilst signposting and promoting existing benefits and services

We work with you to create workplace health challenges that align with your wellbeing calendar and cross-promote your existing benefits.

Carbon Saving Journeys

Healthia encourages and rewards journeys on foot or by bicycle. Awarding points for the activity itself and for the CO2 saved. Why not create a challenge aligned with your cycle to work provider?


1 in 4 people experience sleep related issues. Healthia includes our "30 days to better sleep" coaching programme to help individuals better understand the factors that are influencing their sleep outcomes.